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Storefront Business Campaign

Hyper Local Delivery of Retail & Food

Restaurants lose a tremendous amount of profit utilizing services such as grubhub, seamless and other delivery applications. While this has long been a concern, it has reached a critical point now that customers are only permitted to engage with the business in an online or take out fashion. It is also apparent that even after "re-opening" consumers are likely to be concerned and avoid gathering in restaurants.


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Storefront Business Campaign

Technology & Social Media Training/Grants

Many businesses in my districts don't have an online presence which could have helped cushion the blow from the current business shut-down. Many also don't have the skills to create an online identity and find the process intimidating. Social media/online presence would have been especially important to maintaining customers, moving seasonal retail goods, keeping employees during this shut down.
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Storefront Business Campaign

Reopening Challenges in COVID-19 Era

Once businesses are allowed to open in some fashion post-PAUSE, forms of social distancing, testing, contact tracing, temperature checks, and other safety measures be in place to protect public safety for potentially years until a vaccine is universally applied or herd immunity is acquired. Retail businesses, in addition to all buildings where the public enters, will need to have protocols/technology in place to maintain... more »


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Storefront Business Campaign

Reopening Restaurants While Maintaining Social Distancing

There will be a significant time period prior to a vaccine/elimination of the virus when businesses are allowed to gradually reopen, but social distancing and other precautions must remain in place. This has the potential to be an insurmountable challenge for restaurants and other small businesses where financial stability was already unsteady even before the pandemic. Restaurants in particular must pack as many customers... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Inventory Challenge

Many small businesses will face financial challenges re-stocking inventory to open after social distancing eases. Especially firms with low margins, perishable inventory, or unsteady supply chains.

Wholesalers and purveyors of all kinds may be unable or unwilling to offer terms to struggling retail businesses.

Difficulty restarting the normal flow of inventory, materials, and merchandise may be too much for rent-burdened... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

NYC Brand Identity Post COVID-19

I ❤️ NY

The "I \[Heart\] NY" logo and campaign were a prominent feature of NYC's resurgence after the dismal 1970s.

For NYC residents and visitors alike we need a shared image of recovery, welcome, and local pride.

What if there was a City-wide campaign with a distinctive and memorable visual style that symbolized our collective recovery? It could be branded on NYC shopping bags, PPEs, light pole banners, LinkNYC... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Love Your Local Community

Local businesses for years have struggled to compete with large competitors across industries. The current situation has re-kindled the solidarity of the community and the care for one another, your local. There's an opportunity for local businesses to re-connect with the local community. 'Love Your Local' was the first step, now we are suggestion the next phase - 'Love Your Local 2.0'.

What is 'Love Your Local': Love... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Vacant Storefront Mitigation

The Central Business District and neighborhood commercial strips throughout NYC will see the number of vacant storefronts increase and remain empty for a long time.

NYC and private companies should partner to:

1\. continue previously established efforts to inventory vacant storefronts and set benchmarks for actively managing retail vacancy city-wide.

2\. promote local organizations and corporate sponsors to partner... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Co-locating for Success

As storefronts begin to reopen, income from sales may not reach previous levels for the foreseeable future, and businesses may find it hard to make ends meet. Assuming a protracted recovery time period, are there opportunities for small businesses to co-locate and share resources and expenses, everything from operations, deliveries and storage to staffing, utilities and rent? Are there industries that lend themselves... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Gauging the optimal time/conditions to reopen a small business

Aside from whatever measures are in place to protect employees and customers, businesses who have been closed due to the pandemic lockdown will inevitably have a lot to work through in order to reopen and stay open post-PAUSE. How, then, can technology companies help businesses make decisions around when to reopen?
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Storefront Business Campaign

Get Your Business Online

Many businesses have had to quickly adapt to the new post-covid environment, including getting our businesses online, validating new local suppliers and managing cashflow. In the past businesses relied on foot traffic and supplies that came from far and wide. Covid has demonstrated that there is a real value in the local community, both in terms of customers and suppliers.

🏚 🚚 👋... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Reducing Sidewalk Crowding

With so much of the city's population stuck in their homes for most of the day, a recurring theme over the last month has been the lack of space to be outdoors to get fresh air, exercise, and maintain good mental health. This problem will only escalate as the weather warms and once non-essential businesses are allowed to begin reopening. BIDs and other neighborhood groups have been trying to address elements of this problem... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Enhance Placemaking Efforts with Tactical Urbanism Policy

In the wake of an economic collapse many of our commercial districts will be experiencing a wave of private disinvestment that threatens to downgrade our most vibrant places and make them appear to be shoddy, abandoned and/or forgotten. In order to attract to shoppers, and new businesses, BID's and CBO's will need increased capacity to create programming for unused space, safety improvements, art installations, and other... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Emergency Loosening of Outdoor Sales Restrictions for Retail

We need emergency loosening of Restricted Streets regs and street usage rules to allow outdoor sales not just restaurants but for brick and mortar retail as well. This is expansion of/inspired by kbenedetto's https://nyc.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Granting-emergency-sidewalk-cafe-permits/249586-47866. The proposal to waive cafe permit fees is a start and this would expand that to help areas like Church... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Lights of Hope

Let's not allow 2020 to be "The Year Holiday Lights Went Dark."

For smaller civic organizations and Business Improvement Districts, avenue holiday lights are a significant part of their annual budget and a hallmark of their most highly visible annual "placemaking."

After social distancing requirements lift and businesses start to re-open, annual signs of community life will be more important than ever - especially since... more »