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Storefront Business Campaign

Expand the use of existing outdoor space to include daytime work and learning spaces

The neighborhood restaurants, cafes and bars that nourish our communities are struggling. Many have gone out of business, and many more teeter on the brink.

Outdoor dining has helped, but has not yet made up for all of the lost business.

At the same time, New Yorkers citywide are struggling with isolation, lack of connection and the negative impacts of social distancing. People need places to safely gather, work, learn... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Whole Block Permitting / Shared Public Commerce Areas

NYC needs to stop thinking about minor adjustments to existing stoop line and sidewalk cafe styles and licensing.

We need creative and expansive use of shared public space for all kinds of commerce

Retail locations and building owners should be encouraged to collaborate across property lines and on public property. We should maximize shared stoop line areas for the entirety of a block, "around the corner" spots, and... more »