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Assuring customers of a sanitary and safe shopping environment trending idea

In addition to requiring masks, limiting customers in store and enforcing social-distancing, another challenge businesses face as they reopen is assuring customers their stores are safely sanitized. NYC & Company is working to provide that assurance with their "Stay Well" pledge, but – given the proliferation of tech solutions to monitor employee health and the cleanliness of the office environment – is there a tech solution... more »


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Massive Expansion of Restaurants' Delivery Zone

Restaurants' delivery zone has long been limited by their own physical address and a current delivery system. Specifically, a restaurant normally either has dedicated delivery people that go back and forth from store to point A, B, C, etc.. sometimes A+B... or it relies on Grubhub/Uber to do essentially the same thing but with more drivers.

By reimagining and re-engineering the process of delivery, we can draw efficiencies... more »
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Open Streets

To help our City's small businesses adapt and recover from the economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, commercial districts have been working on ideas to open streets for people to accommodate for overflow of individuals from open shops. Currently, streets cannot be open if a bus goes through the area. Many shopping corridors and boroughs have bus routes that do not allow for this to take place.

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District-Wide Shopping Appointment Book

As shoppers are concerned about entering shops due to COVID, many retailers are creating private in-store shopping opportunities by appointment. While many retailers have their own scheduling programs to accommodate private shopping, it would be helpful to create a technology whereby retailers can upload their private in-store shopping availability, and clients can book those shopping slots across the district for a day... more »
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Love Your Local Community

Local businesses for years have struggled to compete with large competitors across industries. The current situation has re-kindled the solidarity of the community and the care for one another, your local. There's an opportunity for local businesses to re-connect with the local community. 'Love Your Local' was the first step, now we are suggestion the next phase - 'Love Your Local 2.0'.

What is 'Love Your Local': Love... more »
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Get Your Business Online

Many businesses have had to quickly adapt to the new post-covid environment, including getting our businesses online, validating new local suppliers and managing cashflow. In the past businesses relied on foot traffic and supplies that came from far and wide. Covid has demonstrated that there is a real value in the local community, both in terms of customers and suppliers.


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Covid19-safe Payment Methods

One of the primary ways that Covid19 spreads is contact with infected items, or fomite transmission. Items that are frequently touched, and by many people, can be transmission points for Covid19. Among the biggest risks for fomite transmission, are the payment methods that consumers and businesses use every day like cash and credit cards.

Passing a credit card back and forth to multiple merchants increases risks for... more »
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Hyper-local workforce training and shared work

The pandemic has created an unprecedented situation where employers are struggling to find workers despite record-high unemployment. There are many reasons for employees to choose not to work even if the business they work for is open and running, including care responsibilities for children or other family members, and fear of coming to work because of high risk for contracting COVID (underlying conditions, age, or high... more »
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Help for Businesses That Want to Pivot

This would ideally to be available before reopening and could be the business side of davidestrada's Re-Hiring idea for workers ( Businesses need practical ideas and some will want help doing a realistic reevaluation of their business model. Not everyone has a business plan but now, some will need to take a hard look at whether their business... more »
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Emergency Loosening of Outdoor Sales Restrictions for Retail

We need emergency loosening of Restricted Streets regs and street usage rules to allow outdoor sales not just restaurants but for brick and mortar retail as well. This is expansion of/inspired by kbenedetto's The proposal to waive cafe permit fees is a start and this would expand that to help areas like Church Ave. and Flatbush Ave.... more »
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How do we manage and activate public space in a changed world?

BIDs have been at the forefront of reclaiming and re-imagining public spaces throughout the city...from Times Square to Water Street to countless neighborhood plazas. Many of our organizations have invested in placemaking and public space activation programs that are inherently about making these spaces welcoming and attractive gathering spots for New Yorkers. Placemaking activities may be more important now then ever.... more »
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Inventory Challenge

Many small businesses will face financial challenges re-stocking inventory to open after social distancing eases. Especially firms with low margins, perishable inventory, or unsteady supply chains.

Wholesalers and purveyors of all kinds may be unable or unwilling to offer terms to struggling retail businesses.

Difficulty restarting the normal flow of inventory, materials, and merchandise may be too much for rent-burdened... more »
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Reopening Restaurants While Maintaining Social Distancing

There will be a significant time period prior to a vaccine/elimination of the virus when businesses are allowed to gradually reopen, but social distancing and other precautions must remain in place. This has the potential to be an insurmountable challenge for restaurants and other small businesses where financial stability was already unsteady even before the pandemic. Restaurants in particular must pack as many customers... more »
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Reopening Challenges in COVID-19 Era

Once businesses are allowed to open in some fashion post-PAUSE, forms of social distancing, testing, contact tracing, temperature checks, and other safety measures be in place to protect public safety for potentially years until a vaccine is universally applied or herd immunity is acquired. Retail businesses, in addition to all buildings where the public enters, will need to have protocols/technology in place to maintain... more »


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