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Storefront Business Campaign

NYC Brand Identity Post COVID-19

I ❤️ NY

The "I [Heart] NY" logo and campaign were a prominent feature of NYC's resurgence after the dismal 1970s.

For NYC residents and visitors alike we need a shared image of recovery, welcome, and local pride.

What if there was a City-wide campaign with a distinctive and memorable visual style that symbolized our collective recovery? It could be branded on NYC shopping bags, PPEs, light pole banners, LinkNYC kiosks,... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Inventory Challenge

Many small businesses will face financial challenges re-stocking inventory to open after social distancing eases. Especially firms with low margins, perishable inventory, or unsteady supply chains.

Wholesalers and purveyors of all kinds may be unable or unwilling to offer terms to struggling retail businesses.

Difficulty restarting the normal flow of inventory, materials, and merchandise may be too much for rent-burdened... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Lights of Hope

Let's not allow 2020 to be "The Year Holiday Lights Went Dark."

For smaller civic organizations and Business Improvement Districts, avenue holiday lights are a significant part of their annual budget and a hallmark of their most highly visible annual "placemaking."

After social distancing requirements lift and businesses start to re-open, annual signs of community life will be more important than ever - especially since... more »