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Storefront Business Campaign

Connecting cultural organizations & artists to managers of public space

COVID has wreaked havoc on so many sectors of society but in particular, it has hit the arts community extremely hard. Theaters and cultural spaces will be the last to reopen and because all events have had to be cancelled, artists have lost much of their livelihoods. A recent report by SMU DataArts prepared for the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, specifies that arts nonprofits in New York have lost a half... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

How do we manage and activate public space in a changed world?

BIDs have been at the forefront of reclaiming and re-imagining public spaces throughout the city...from Times Square to Water Street to countless neighborhood plazas. Many of our organizations have invested in placemaking and public space activation programs that are inherently about making these spaces welcoming and attractive gathering spots for New Yorkers. Placemaking activities may be more important now then ever.... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Enhance Placemaking Efforts with Tactical Urbanism Policy

In the wake of an economic collapse many of our commercial districts will be experiencing a wave of private disinvestment that threatens to downgrade our most vibrant places and make them appear to be shoddy, abandoned and/or forgotten. In order to attract to shoppers, and new businesses, BID's and CBO's will need increased capacity to create programming for unused space, safety improvements, art installations, and other... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Lights of Hope

Let's not allow 2020 to be "The Year Holiday Lights Went Dark."

For smaller civic organizations and Business Improvement Districts, avenue holiday lights are a significant part of their annual budget and a hallmark of their most highly visible annual "placemaking."

After social distancing requirements lift and businesses start to re-open, annual signs of community life will be more important than ever - especially since... more »