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Storefront Business Campaign

How'd you get here?

No business truly knows how their customers all arrive. Many assume that all customers drive, but that is not always the case. On top of that, clusters of businesses may have competing needs. We would like a way to easily find out how people are getting to a business district and what they plan to do there.
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Storefront Business Campaign

Unified Small Business Data Set

Data sets held by DOB, DCA, DOHMN, State agencies, DOF, etc. could be integrated to provide community boards, BIDs, local elected officials, Agencies with more actionable information.

For example, DOB/FDNY know by a particular location where permits have been filed for new retail food business build-outs. DCA and DOF know where operation permits have been pulled and where/if taxes have been paid.

But what if a BID or... more »