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Storefront Business Campaign

What's Open EV trending idea

Our essential local businesses are our heroes and they have suffered devastating losses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A volunteer effort led by the East Village Community Coalition (EVCC) along with East Village residents Paul Gale and Perry Leung created an interactive map of open businesses across the neighborhood during the COVID-19 crisis to provide a service to the East Village community and to help sustain our... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Boosting neighbourhood businesses using a local currency and incentive scheme trending idea

Even before the arrival of COVID-19, local neighbourhood businesses, like our mama & papa stores, were trying to keep their heads above water, struggling to survive the impossible competition from global online corporations.

No longer spending our hard-earned wages and salaries locally, our money is transferred out of our neighbourhoods and city, often out of the US. Money that should stay local by buying local, could,... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Covid19-safe Payment Methods

One of the primary ways that Covid19 spreads is contact with infected items, or fomite transmission. Items that are frequently touched, and by many people, can be transmission points for Covid19. Among the biggest risks for fomite transmission, are the payment methods that consumers and businesses use every day like cash and credit cards.

Passing a credit card back and forth to multiple merchants increases risks for... more »