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Storefront Business Campaign

Expand the use of existing outdoor space to include daytime work and learning spaces

The neighborhood restaurants, cafes and bars that nourish our communities are struggling. Many have gone out of business, and many more teeter on the brink.

Outdoor dining has helped, but has not yet made up for all of the lost business.

At the same time, New Yorkers citywide are struggling with isolation, lack of connection and the negative impacts of social distancing. People need places to safely gather, work,... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Assuring customers of a sanitary and safe shopping environment

In addition to requiring masks, limiting customers in store and enforcing social-distancing, another challenge businesses face as they reopen is assuring customers their stores are safely sanitized. NYC & Company is working to provide that assurance with their "Stay Well" pledge, but – given the proliferation of tech solutions to monitor employee health and the cleanliness of the office environment – is there a tech solution... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

How can local business join forces against eComm giants

Even before the pandemic, there was a rising demand for online order and speedy delivery for goods and services. Consumers often turn to "big box" services such as Amazon, who are able to provide an "everything store" experience that includes free and quick delivery. While people love to shop from their neighborhood businesses, the businesses are largely unable to provide the experience consumers have come to expect.... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

How'd you get here?

No business truly knows how their customers all arrive. Many assume that all customers drive, but that is not always the case. On top of that, clusters of businesses may have competing needs. We would like a way to easily find out how people are getting to a business district and what they plan to do there.
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Storefront Business Campaign

What's the Trade Off?

Hottest real estate in NYC? Why, the curb right out front a business, of course! Because of our lack of alleyways, businesses must use their front doors to greet customers, accept deliveries, make deliveries, and more. Customers can arrive by foot, car, transit, bike, or mobility device, store goods arrive by truck or van, and businesses make deliveries by bike, car, van and foot. When businesses ask for more parking,... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Massive Expansion of Restaurants' Delivery Zone

Restaurants' delivery zone has long been limited by their own physical address and a current delivery system. Specifically, a restaurant normally either has dedicated delivery people that go back and forth from store to point A, B, C, etc.. sometimes A+B... or it relies on Grubhub/Uber to do essentially the same thing but with more drivers.

By reimagining and re-engineering the process of delivery, we can draw efficiencies... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Whole Block Permitting / Shared Public Commerce Areas

NYC needs to stop thinking about minor adjustments to existing stoop line and sidewalk cafe styles and licensing.

We need creative and expansive use of shared public space for all kinds of commerce

Retail locations and building owners should be encouraged to collaborate across property lines and on public property. We should maximize shared stoop line areas for the entirety of a block, "around the corner" spots, and... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Unified Small Business Data Set

Data sets held by DOB, DCA, DOHMN, State agencies, DOF, etc. could be integrated to provide community boards, BIDs, local elected officials, Agencies with more actionable information.

For example, DOB/FDNY know by a particular location where permits have been filed for new retail food business build-outs. DCA and DOF know where operation permits have been pulled and where/if taxes have been paid.

But what if a BID or... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Open Streets

To help our City's small businesses adapt and recover from the economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, commercial districts have been working on ideas to open streets for people to accommodate for overflow of individuals from open shops. Currently, streets cannot be open if a bus goes through the area. Many shopping corridors and boroughs have bus routes that do not allow for this to take place.
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Storefront Business Campaign

District-Wide Shopping Appointment Book

As shoppers are concerned about entering shops due to COVID, many retailers are creating private in-store shopping opportunities by appointment. While many retailers have their own scheduling programs to accommodate private shopping, it would be helpful to create a technology whereby retailers can upload their private in-store shopping availability, and clients can book those shopping slots across the district for a day... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Love Your Local Community

Local businesses for years have struggled to compete with large competitors across industries. The current situation has re-kindled the solidarity of the community and the care for one another, your local. There's an opportunity for local businesses to re-connect with the local community. 'Love Your Local' was the first step, now we are suggestion the next phase - 'Love Your Local 2.0'.

What is 'Love Your Local': Love... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Get Your Business Online

Many businesses have had to quickly adapt to the new post-covid environment, including getting our businesses online, validating new local suppliers and managing cashflow. In the past businesses relied on foot traffic and supplies that came from far and wide. Covid has demonstrated that there is a real value in the local community, both in terms of customers and suppliers.

🏚 🚚 👋... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Covid19-safe Payment Methods

One of the primary ways that Covid19 spreads is contact with infected items, or fomite transmission. Items that are frequently touched, and by many people, can be transmission points for Covid19. Among the biggest risks for fomite transmission, are the payment methods that consumers and businesses use every day like cash and credit cards.

Passing a credit card back and forth to multiple merchants increases risks for... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

New Food App Pilot Launch

This app is as easy as being logged into facebook or instagram. You do not need to be tech savvy in order to be a part of this app and also do not need expensive gadgets that are at times difficult to use and are a cost the restaurant owner. All you need is a tablet or a phone to receive orders on the app for your restaurant. We are looking to charge a flat fee to set it up for all restaurants in NYC. We are looking at... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Hyper-local workforce training and shared work

The pandemic has created an unprecedented situation where employers are struggling to find workers despite record-high unemployment. There are many reasons for employees to choose not to work even if the business they work for is open and running, including care responsibilities for children or other family members, and fear of coming to work because of high risk for contracting COVID (underlying conditions, age, or high... more »