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Storefront Business Campaign

Staying Essential

Once the Executive Order was issued for all non-essential businesses to close, over 80% of the 125th Street BID District was shut down. Those businesses that were essential were overwhelmed and some had difficulties keeping essential items on the shelf. Those businesses that were already doing business online continued to do so and the BID promoted their online presence. It brought to the forefront a thought that all... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Granting emergency sidewalk cafe permits

A few businesses in Bed-Stuy want to open up their restaurants in a safe way. In order to do that, the best way is to allow for sidewalk cafes. However, these businesses are unable to acquire these permits because of rezoning that took place 10 years ago. Granting these sidewalk cafe permits would allow many restaurants to operate with safe measures. They were told they need letters of support from council members, but... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Reopening Restaurants While Maintaining Social Distancing

There will be a significant time period prior to a vaccine/elimination of the virus when businesses are allowed to gradually reopen, but social distancing and other precautions must remain in place. This has the potential to be an insurmountable challenge for restaurants and other small businesses where financial stability was already unsteady even before the pandemic. Restaurants in particular must pack as many customers... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

How can local business join forces against eComm giants

Even before the pandemic, there was a rising demand for online order and speedy delivery for goods and services. Consumers often turn to "big box" services such as Amazon, who are able to provide an "everything store" experience that includes free and quick delivery. While people love to shop from their neighborhood businesses, the businesses are largely unable to provide the experience consumers have come to expect.... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

New Food App Pilot Launch

This app is as easy as being logged into facebook or instagram. You do not need to be tech savvy in order to be a part of this app and also do not need expensive gadgets that are at times difficult to use and are a cost the restaurant owner. All you need is a tablet or a phone to receive orders on the app for your restaurant. We are looking to charge a flat fee to set it up for all restaurants in NYC. We are looking at... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Massive Expansion of Restaurants' Delivery Zone

Restaurants' delivery zone has long been limited by their own physical address and a current delivery system. Specifically, a restaurant normally either has dedicated delivery people that go back and forth from store to point A, B, C, etc.. sometimes A+B... or it relies on Grubhub/Uber to do essentially the same thing but with more drivers.

By reimagining and re-engineering the process of delivery, we can draw efficiencies... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Love Your Local Community

Local businesses for years have struggled to compete with large competitors across industries. The current situation has re-kindled the solidarity of the community and the care for one another, your local. There's an opportunity for local businesses to re-connect with the local community. 'Love Your Local' was the first step, now we are suggestion the next phase - 'Love Your Local 2.0'.

What is 'Love Your Local': Love... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

How do we manage and activate public space in a changed world?

BIDs have been at the forefront of reclaiming and re-imagining public spaces throughout the city...from Times Square to Water Street to countless neighborhood plazas. Many of our organizations have invested in placemaking and public space activation programs that are inherently about making these spaces welcoming and attractive gathering spots for New Yorkers. Placemaking activities may be more important now then ever.... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

What's the Trade Off?

Hottest real estate in NYC? Why, the curb right out front a business, of course! Because of our lack of alleyways, businesses must use their front doors to greet customers, accept deliveries, make deliveries, and more. Customers can arrive by foot, car, transit, bike, or mobility device, store goods arrive by truck or van, and businesses make deliveries by bike, car, van and foot. When businesses ask for more parking,... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Enhance Placemaking Efforts with Tactical Urbanism Policy

In the wake of an economic collapse many of our commercial districts will be experiencing a wave of private disinvestment that threatens to downgrade our most vibrant places and make them appear to be shoddy, abandoned and/or forgotten. In order to attract to shoppers, and new businesses, BID's and CBO's will need increased capacity to create programming for unused space, safety improvements, art installations, and other... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Connecting cultural organizations & artists to managers of public space

COVID has wreaked havoc on so many sectors of society but in particular, it has hit the arts community extremely hard. Theaters and cultural spaces will be the last to reopen and because all events have had to be cancelled, artists have lost much of their livelihoods. A recent report by SMU DataArts prepared for the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, specifies that arts nonprofits in New York have lost a half... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Crisis Communication

Once non-essential businesses were closed by Executive Order from the Governor, effective communication with members became problematic immediately. Maintaining and updating membership database is always challenging as the nature of business activities such as changes in personnel, opening and closing of new businesses, development and more brings constant turnovers. Now that door-to-door was also not possible, this forced... more »


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Storefront Business Campaign

Vacant Storefront Mitigation

The Central Business District and neighborhood commercial strips throughout NYC will see the number of vacant storefronts increase and remain empty for a long time.

NYC and private companies should partner to:

1\. continue previously established efforts to inventory vacant storefronts and set benchmarks for actively managing retail vacancy city-wide.

2\. promote local organizations and corporate sponsors to partner... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Reducing Sidewalk Crowding

With so much of the city's population stuck in their homes for most of the day, a recurring theme over the last month has been the lack of space to be outdoors to get fresh air, exercise, and maintain good mental health. This problem will only escalate as the weather warms and once non-essential businesses are allowed to begin reopening. BIDs and other neighborhood groups have been trying to address elements of this problem... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

District-Wide Shopping Appointment Book

As shoppers are concerned about entering shops due to COVID, many retailers are creating private in-store shopping opportunities by appointment. While many retailers have their own scheduling programs to accommodate private shopping, it would be helpful to create a technology whereby retailers can upload their private in-store shopping availability, and clients can book those shopping slots across the district for a day... more »