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Storefront Business Campaign

How can local business join forces against eComm giants

Even before the pandemic, there was a rising demand for online order and speedy delivery for goods and services. Consumers often turn to "big box" services such as Amazon, who are able to provide an "everything store" experience that includes free and quick delivery. While people love to shop from their neighborhood businesses, the businesses are largely unable to provide the experience consumers have come to expect.... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Boosting neighbourhood businesses using a local currency and incentive scheme

Even before the arrival of COVID-19, local neighbourhood businesses, like our mama & papa stores, were trying to keep their heads above water, struggling to survive the impossible competition from global online corporations.

No longer spending our hard-earned wages and salaries locally, our money is transferred out of our neighbourhoods and city, often out of the US. Money that should stay local by buying local, could,... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Whole Block Permitting / Shared Public Commerce Areas

NYC needs to stop thinking about minor adjustments to existing stoop line and sidewalk cafe styles and licensing.

We need creative and expansive use of shared public space for all kinds of commerce

Retail locations and building owners should be encouraged to collaborate across property lines and on public property. We should maximize shared stoop line areas for the entirety of a block, "around the corner" spots, and... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Public Space Usage

Even as formal social-distancing restrictions ease up, maintaining distance will likely still be a concern for customers for months and even years to come. How can technology help grocery stores, pharmacies, and other retailers as well as bars and restaurants monitor density and control traffic in their space and ensure people feel comfortable shopping in person?
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Storefront Business Campaign

Public Safety Updates

A lot of businesses and BIDs have been reporting a spike in graffiti,vandalism and other safety concerns over the past several weeks. The Chamber recently brought on a deputy inspector to answer questions (digitally) with the Brooklyn BIDs and it was a very productive session. It seemed also there is limited use of Zoom and similar technologies within the police department but the feedback we got from the two officers... more »


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Storefront Business Campaign

NYC Brand Identity Post COVID-19

I ❤️ NY

The "I \[Heart\] NY" logo and campaign were a prominent feature of NYC's resurgence after the dismal 1970s.

For NYC residents and visitors alike we need a shared image of recovery, welcome, and local pride.

What if there was a City-wide campaign with a distinctive and memorable visual style that symbolized our collective recovery? It could be branded on NYC shopping bags, PPEs, light pole banners, LinkNYC... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Crisis Communication

Once non-essential businesses were closed by Executive Order from the Governor, effective communication with members became problematic immediately. Maintaining and updating membership database is always challenging as the nature of business activities such as changes in personnel, opening and closing of new businesses, development and more brings constant turnovers. Now that door-to-door was also not possible, this forced... more »


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Storefront Business Campaign

Reopening Restaurants While Maintaining Social Distancing

There will be a significant time period prior to a vaccine/elimination of the virus when businesses are allowed to gradually reopen, but social distancing and other precautions must remain in place. This has the potential to be an insurmountable challenge for restaurants and other small businesses where financial stability was already unsteady even before the pandemic. Restaurants in particular must pack as many customers... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Emergency Loosening of Outdoor Sales Restrictions for Retail

We need emergency loosening of Restricted Streets regs and street usage rules to allow outdoor sales not just restaurants but for brick and mortar retail as well. This is expansion of/inspired by kbenedetto's https://nyc.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Granting-emergency-sidewalk-cafe-permits/249586-47866. The proposal to waive cafe permit fees is a start and this would expand that to help areas like Church... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Gauging the optimal time/conditions to reopen a small business

Aside from whatever measures are in place to protect employees and customers, businesses who have been closed due to the pandemic lockdown will inevitably have a lot to work through in order to reopen and stay open post-PAUSE. How, then, can technology companies help businesses make decisions around when to reopen?
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Storefront Business Campaign

Granting emergency sidewalk cafe permits

A few businesses in Bed-Stuy want to open up their restaurants in a safe way. In order to do that, the best way is to allow for sidewalk cafes. However, these businesses are unable to acquire these permits because of rezoning that took place 10 years ago. Granting these sidewalk cafe permits would allow many restaurants to operate with safe measures. They were told they need letters of support from council members, but... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Massive Expansion of Restaurants' Delivery Zone

Restaurants' delivery zone has long been limited by their own physical address and a current delivery system. Specifically, a restaurant normally either has dedicated delivery people that go back and forth from store to point A, B, C, etc.. sometimes A+B... or it relies on Grubhub/Uber to do essentially the same thing but with more drivers.

By reimagining and re-engineering the process of delivery, we can draw efficiencies... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

What's the Trade Off?

Hottest real estate in NYC? Why, the curb right out front a business, of course! Because of our lack of alleyways, businesses must use their front doors to greet customers, accept deliveries, make deliveries, and more. Customers can arrive by foot, car, transit, bike, or mobility device, store goods arrive by truck or van, and businesses make deliveries by bike, car, van and foot. When businesses ask for more parking,... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

how to get to customers outside of the city

We can no longer travel to visit customers. Our products are sold based on faith, trust and relationships. They are expensive (north of $80K more than not). Our salespeople cannot go to visit them anymore, and the tools of Zoom/Skype etc aren't enough to convince them. We are looking for ideas on how to create almost real-life simulations of our solar power systems so that we can at least provide visuals that almost as... more »