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Storefront Business Campaign

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Once non-essential businesses were closed by Executive Order from the Governor, effective communication with members became problematic immediately. Maintaining and updating membership database is always challenging as the nature of business activities such as changes in personnel, opening and closing of new businesses, development and more brings constant turnovers. Now that door-to-door was also not possible, this forced... more »


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Storefront Business Campaign

Connecting cultural organizations & artists to managers of public space

COVID has wreaked havoc on so many sectors of society but in particular, it has hit the arts community extremely hard. Theaters and cultural spaces will be the last to reopen and because all events have had to be cancelled, artists have lost much of their livelihoods. A recent report by SMU DataArts prepared for the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, specifies that arts nonprofits in New York have lost a half... more »
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Storefront Business Campaign

Vacant Storefront Mitigation

The Central Business District and neighborhood commercial strips throughout NYC will see the number of vacant storefronts increase and remain empty for a long time.

NYC and private companies should partner to:

1. continue previously established efforts to inventory vacant storefronts and set benchmarks for actively managing retail vacancy city-wide.

2. promote local organizations and corporate sponsors to partner with... more »